Shake what yo mama gave ya

Next time you’re stuck at the airport with nowhere to go, consider a re-enactment of one of my favorite music videos, Feist’s “My Moon, My Man.”

Apparently the Canadian chanteuse made the video at Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The indie rock It girl tells Britain’s Metro newspaper the video “took two nights because we filmed it on an airport travelator and could only use it when people weren’t around.”


Dylan said...

What a sweet video .. nicest one i've seen in a while (But perhaps i'm just under-exposed or have bad-taste =P)

Megan said...

My favorite is her video for "1 2 3 4" but the dance moves in "One Evening" would be more fun to copy.

Dylan said...

nice nice .. pretty original stuff =) u should come out on thursday! I guarantee lots of smiling. heh .. i totally shouldn't be guaranteeing anything.. but it is a strong possibility no doubt ;)

Dylan said...

I'm totally addicted to this video now. Just had my once-a-day fix.