Testing 1, 2, 3

I put off blogging mostly because I could not find a hip name for an airport blog. A big thank you to my coworkers who brainstormed with me.

Happy reading.

Rejects include:
Taxiway Kilo
Landing strip
Kuhnport (sounds weird)
Terminal A (already taken)
Short Final (an early favorite)
Takeoff and Landing (too long)
Terminal Talk (reminds me of blue-haired lunch ladies gossiping)
Terminal Story (think made-for-TV movie about a woman with cancer)


Jon said...

I'm still sad Kuhnport wasn't selected...

Mary Kirby said...

Rock on girl. This is great!

Landon said...

What about Megalomaniac??

Dylan said...

Megalomaniac is sweet .. but is also taken as a sweet Muse song.

Matt said...

How about Windsock? Upright & Locked? Beginning Our Descent? Propwash? Crosswind?