All business, all the time.

All-business airlines are popping up all over the place, the latest being Calgary-based Corporate Jet Air. The newest Corpac Canada brand will offer six daily flights between Calgary and Toronto starting in late spring, VP and general manager Roger Cross tells me.

The carrier will fly Bombardier CRJ200LRs configured with 18 passenger seats instead of the standard 50.

Setup is single seat so passenger can work in privacy during the roughly 31/2-hour flight; otherwise, passengers miss half a workday between the flight and the 2-hour time difference between Calgary and Toronto, he adds.

Cross says the carrier aims to fill the gap between the corporate aircraft and the commercial airline.

Photos courtesy of Corporate Jet Air.


Dylan said...

I always wonder, as ticket prices go up due to rising fuel prices .. when will airlines cease to be cost-effective?
Since these jet-businesses seem to be on the rise, I would take a gander that it won't be anytime soon (Although I can still fathom reasons for why it would occur sooner rather than later).

Are there any airliners out there who experiment with renewable energy solutions to the quandary of limited fossil fuel supply?
All I've heard about are biofuels but I have no idea as to what testing has already been conducted as well as what the long term feasibility assessments look like ... I would **Love** to learn more =)

Megan said...

Virgin Atlantic held a part biofuel test in February and Air New Zealand will have a demonstration flight in the fourth quarter this year.

Continental Airlines will pursue a biofuels demonstration flight with GE Aviation in the first half of 2009.