If you're going to San Francisco

Acting FAA administrator Robert Sturgell will hold a press conference at San Francisco International Airport tomorrow to unveil environmental initiatives FAA is implementing in San Francisco, across the USA and in oceanic airspace.

Sturgell's announcement conveniently coincides with the arrival of “ASPIRE Flight 1,” an Air New Zealand flight between Auckland and San Fran that will use NextGen procedures and technologies.

The test flight "will demonstrate commercial aviation’s potential to reduce environmentally harmful emissions by millions of tons annually," FAA says in a statement.

San Fran mayor Gavin Newsome (pictured, swoon) is expected to attend, along with San Fran airport director John Martin and Air New Zealand

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jtormey3 said...

Bobby Sturgell and FAA are going to seek to destroy your environment and real estate values in SF with an "Airspace Redesign" - the same stunt that they tried to pull on us here in Rockland County, NY. The proof is in the "2009-2013 FAA Flight Plan" posted on the FAA website a few weeks ago, in which FAA specifically listed 7 major U.S. cities to be so re-designed: NYC, Philly, SF, L.A., Charlotte, Vegas, and Chicago. Check out FAA's "2009-2013 Flight Plan". Now Sturgell's Tombstone Agency criminals are coming to your town too. Working together, though, we will kick their collective butts.

Speaking of Sturgellian criminals, what part of “Raytheon’s” new US$437 million ATC-training government contract do you want to bet, that "Bobby" Sturgell starts work at Raytheon, in the claimed interests of “continuity”, right after “Bobby” exits FAA in shame in November and leaves the mess he made to Ruth Leverenz? At this point, Vegas would give me even-odds on it.

The Bobby Sturgell FAA continues to subject Americans to a steady stream of jumbo-jet aircraft near-misses, unsuspecting flights on defective and unsafe airplanes, and other near-disasters and even actual disasters such as Moab Utah in which 10 innocent people were recently killed. Taken together, these events are in epic numbers since Bobby Sturgell took over as Acting FAA Administrator a year ago, as borne out by current NTSB accident statistics themselves:

Recent FAA-floated publicity balloons are only superficial endeavors to placate and distract the American people. Sturgell’s fake regulatory agency the FAA continues to tell us that it is somehow OK for FAA and airlines, conspiring and back-slapping together, to enlist publicists to tell Americans that air travel was never safer whilst planes are falling apart in un-inspected disrepair, aviation inspectors are criminally threatened by FAA management, and passengers and others on the ground are continually put in harm’s way. FAA is a grotesque revival of the Oberstar-decried, Schiavo-decried Tombstone Agency, the notion that ‘If the plane doesn’t crash, we’re doing great’; the notion that a federal agency is not required to anticipate and navigate around safety problems, but only react if there are one or more tombstones.

There are now 10 new tombstones in Moab, Utah.

How many more will YOU tolerate as an American?

Quiet Rockland again asks all members of the United States Congress, journalists, the aviation community, and all other American citizens to ‘Just Say No’ to Bobby Sturgell, and repopulate the FAA with responsible officials for a change.
Quiet Rockland