Science of sleep

Munich Airport
, in addition to offering a handy map/guide translated into 10 languages, offers scifi-looking
sleeping cabins, known as Napcabs.

Located in Terminal 2 near Gate H32,
the 2.50 x 1.40 meters (8.20 x 4.50 feet) sleeping and working cabin offers a bed, desk and Internet access.

Booking the cabins cost 15 euros ($22.05) for the first 15 minutes and four euros for every next quarter of an hour. One nights stay from 10 pm to 7 am costs 60 euros.

Five students participating in the 2007 Innovation Competition held by Munich University of Applied Sciences
developed Napcabs.

Thanks to
Flight's online editor Michael Targett for alerting me to this nifty photo.

(Photo from
Reuters photographer Michaela Rehle)

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