Caps be gone

Flight caps at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport will be removed after the airport’s newest runway opens in November. A post about the new runway is forthcoming.

Between 56 and 70 more arrivals will be added throughout the day-roughly four to five extra arrivals per hour-when the runway opens, FAA Acting Administrator Robert Sturgell says in a statement.

Hourly domestic arrivals and departures at O’Hare were capped at 88 each between 7 am and 8 pm in 2004 as a temporary step to reduce congestion at the then most-delayed hub in the USA.

Originally scheduled to end in April 2005, the caps were continually extended while additional measures to address congestion and delays at the airport were considered.

There might be some headaches. Some airlines are unhappy with the news. And this just in: the cost of fuel is rising.

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jtormey3 said...

Acting Administrator Bobby Sturgell and his Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) continue to subject Americans to a steady-stream of jumbo-jet aircraft near-misses, unsuspecting flights on defective and unsafe airplanes, and other near- and actual disasters such as a recent fiery explosive crash in Moab Utah in which 10 innocent people were killed. Taken together, aviation mishaps are in epic numbers since Bobby Sturgell took over as Acting FAA Administrator over a year ago, as borne out by current NTSB accident statistics themselves:

Recent FAA-floated publicity balloons faux-touting claimed new technologies, ‘going green’, ‘perfect flights’, and stories of how ‘carefully’ FAA self-reviews, are only superficial charades intended to placate and distract the American people. The bottom line? Bobby Sturgell’s fake regulatory agency FAA continues to tell us it is somehow OK for FAA and the airlines, whilst back-slapping each other, to enlist publicists to tell Americans that air travel was ‘never safer’. Meanwhile planes continue to fall apart in un-inspected disrepair, FAA management is exposed as criminally threatening dutiful aviation inspectors, and passengers along with innocent others on the ground are continually put in harm’s way. FAA is a ghoulish and grotesque revival of the Oberstar-decried, Schiavo-decried ‘Tombstone Agency’ - the taped-up-in-red embodiment of the notion that ‘If the plane doesn’t crash, we’re doing great’ - the notion that a federal agency is not required to anticipate and navigate around safety problems, but only react if there are one or more tombstones.

There are 10 more tombstones in Moab, Utah.

How many more will YOU tolerate?

Those passengers were innocent Americans.

Quiet Rockland again asks all members of the United States Congress, journalists, the aviation community, all other American citizens on each side of the aisle, and all other world citizens to ‘Just Say No’ to Bobby Sturgell, and help repopulate the FAA with responsible officials for a change.

Quiet Rockland