Runway NIMBYism

Tensions are heating up over a proposed runway in the Detroit metro area.

Wayne County Airport Authority will vote tomorrow on the runway and the rest of its proposed Master Plan for Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

The seventh runway is the most controversial element of the 20-year plan, which still needs US FAA approval.

Construction of the 10,000-foot outer runway, which will run east of the airport, requires the acquisition of a sizeable amount of property outside the airport’s current boundary.

Houses, schools and businesses in surrounding towns, including Romulus, may stand in the way of runway construction. Understandably, Romulus mayor Alan Lambert is upset.

On top of that, the Detroit Free Press is reporting that the airport overstated its need for the new runway.

The airport authority put together a FAQ in response to residents' concerns.

It will be interesting to see what happens at tomorrow's meeting. In the meantime, the moral of the story is never buy a house near an airport or near where you think there might be an airport someday. Or rent. Or move to the moon.

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