Destination Nowhere

A handful of airlines have closed shop in recent weeks. While this is a difficult time for airline employees and passengers, airports lose out as well.

New Hampshire’s Portsmouth International Airport lost its only commercial carrier when Skybus Airlines shuttered operations after April 4. Gone are flights to Columbus, Ohio and Greensboro, North Carolina, as well as Florida destinations St Augustine and Punta Gorda.

Portsmouth International airport manager Bill Hopper tells me the Skybus shutdown “came as a complete shock” noting the carrier had 80% load factors on Columbus flights between May 2007 and October 2007. Loads to Florida, which launched from Portsmouth in January 2008, were also around 80% he says.

Airport operator Pease Development Authority is now thinking about downsizing a recently awarded $3.9-million contract to upgrade the airport.

This podcast has more about the impact of airline bankruptcy on airports.

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